Repertoire Rules

  1. Repertoire Selections:
  • Participants are expected to demonstrate good taste and judgment in choosing their repertoire. The selected pieces should reflect the standard repertoire within their respective genres. Choices listed in the ABRSM, Trinity College London and AMEB graded & diploma syllabuses are deemed acceptable.


  1. Acceptable Eras:
  • Chosen pieces must consist of established standard repertoires or published compositions spanning from the Baroque era to the 21st Century. Jazz, pop, and rock compositions are allowable only if they are part of the ABRSM, Trinity College London or AMEB exam syllabuses.


  1. Time Limit:
  • Participants are urged to ensure that their performances do not exceed the designated time limit for each category.


  1. Piece Limitation:
  • Participants are allowed to perform only one selected piece in each category, excluding Professional Categories (please refer to their specific requirements). In the instance of compositions with multiple movements, such as a Sonata, Concerto, or Suite, each movement is considered a separate piece.


  1. Performance and Repeats:
  • The selected piece must be performed in its entirety without any omitted parts. Repetitions within the chosen piece are at the discretion of the participant; however, all da capo and dal segno instructions should be observed.


  1. Grand Final Performance Choice:
  • Finalists are not obliged to perform the same piece(s) in the Grand Final, except for concertos.


  1. Performance from Memory:
  • Memorisation is encouraged but not required for Preliminary. No extra marks will be given for memory. Finalists are expected to perform from memory, except for Ensemble and Solo Amateur categories.